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Travel Vaccination

Kiltimagh Medical Centre provides a comprehensive Travel Planning and Travel Vaccination service. If you are planning foreign travel, you should book a consultation well in advance about necessary vaccines, malaria prescriptions and other medical advice regarding your destination. Requirements for any country can change according to various outbreaks.

You are advised to book at least 1 month in advance of your trip but if your journey is planned and will include a longer stay in a remote part of the world, then 6 months in advance would be an advantage to get full immunity.

You should bring a detailed itinerary for your travels when coming for travel health consultation. Travel consultation broadly covers your itinery destinations, required vaccinations, health and safty advice as well as antimalarial medications and a prescription for useful medications to have in the event of illness (traveller gastroenteritis) etc. while you are abroad.

You can check which vaccines are required for your travel on the website below. 


If you have received previous Travel Vaccinations please ensure that you bring your Vaccination Record Booklet with you to your appointment.

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